Digital products Refund Policy


It is important to us that you are 100% satisfied with the program. If you are not 100% satisfied with our online money making system then you should be entitled to a full refund of the money you spend on any of our products and services. However, it is important that you make an attempt to utilize all of the tools we have available. If you do not make a true attempt within 8 weeks of purchasing Cash From Home, then our company takes no responsibility and we will not be held responsible for your lack of actions and a refund will not be granted. It is important that you read the information carefully and make sure that this type of business is something you can do before you decide to move forward and purchase our system.

As a company we are not looking to waste anyones time or money. All we ask is for the opportunity to show you and all of our members how easy it is to make money online with our proven system. Nothing is given to us in life if it was no one would be looking for ways to better ourselves. Never the less what we are saying is that this system works and we stand behind it 100%! We are willing to give you 60 days to get a full refund on your purchase if you truly give our system a chance and you are just not satisfied.

You will not be able to find another online system that will give you the tools you need to succeed as well as offer you a 60 day money back guarantee. You might see companies out there with 365 day guaranties, but I want to ask you a couple questions. Does a 365 day money back guarantee make sense? Is it going to take a year for you to find out that a product or service you purchased today, does not work? I don't think so! If you make a purchase like ours, you will know within the first 7 days if this is something you can do or not. So with that being said I hope you can see the value in our system and stay on as a member and become one of the people we talk about on our site.